Congulaturatons! Certificate of ICSST23 Presentation Award can be obtained from "download" of each.

No. TitleCertificate
AP-05A computational screening study to develop ultra-high-performance aramid copolymersdownload
AP-06Density, viscosity, glass transition temperature of imidazolium-based mixed ionic liquidsdownload
AP-07Computational chemistry study on the diffusion of sodium ions in boron oxide materials for solid-state electrolytes in batteriesdownload
AP-08Technique for estimating hybrid nanoparticle molecular weight via analytical centrifugationdownload
AP-17Treatment of high salinity water utilizing hydrate-based desalination (HBD): Experimental and computational approachesdownload
AP-18CO2 capture/storage through gas hydrate formation and carbon mineralizationdownload
BO-02Prediction of purity of phycocyanin in ammonium sulfate fractions of extracts from Spirulinadownload
BO-07Intellectually-controlled synthesis of desired hybrid perovskite quantum dots based on a universal closed-loop feedback control algorithm in a continuous flow chemistry platformdownload
BP-08Development of a new preparing method for seed crystals to control polymorphismdownload
BP-12Enhanced CaMg(CO3)2 production by CO2/O2/N2 fine bubble injection into concentrated brine discharged from salt manufacturing processdownload
BP-15Titanium MOF-derived titanium oxide-carbon hybrid supports with enhanced activity and durability for proton exchange membrane fuel celldownload
BP-25Innovative high-throughput synthesis of gold nanomaterials using centrifugal microfluidicsdownload
CO-05Techno-economic performance assessment of advanced waste-heat recovery modules for improving energy efficiency of chemical absorption-based CO2 capture process: a case study in iron and steel millsdownload
CP-07Modeling and uncertainty quantification of CO2 absorption process using phase separation solventdownload
CP-08Novel diamine-based biphasic solvent for energy efficient CO2 capturedownload
CP-14Static and kinetic CO2 adsorption performance of GME-type zeolitedownload
CP-17Design of a hybrid adsorption-membrane processes for CO2 separation using machine learningdownload
CP-31Cu/MgO/Al2O3 catalyst by cation–anion double hydrolysis (CADH) for low-temperature water gas shift (LTWGS) reactiondownload
CP-34Feasibility study of PFOS adsorption technology using magnesium oxide with high surface areadownload
CP-35A comparative examination of the adsorption and desorption characteristics of ammonia on diverse porous materialsdownload
CP-41Selective adsorption of Au(III) from acidic aqueous solutions by nylon nanofibersdownload
DP-02A study on designing hydrogen separation membrane and hydrogen permeability experiments using metal alloy propertiesdownload
DP-06Investigation of the physical and permeation characteristics from the addition of MFI nanosheets in MMMs download
DP-15Improvement of hydrogen permeance through CVD derived silica membranes download
DP-27Improved photocatalytic activity of g-C3N4/HNb3O8 nanosheet-based photocatalytic  membrane by addition of graphene oxide download
DP-28Engineering polyimide membranes for enduring organic solvent nanofiltration in high pH conditions download
DP-30Developing fouling monitoring techniques for membrane bioreactor operationdownload
EO-06Synthesis of biocompatible ionic liquid for metal extractiondownload
EO-09Subcritical water extraction for enhancing extraction of bioactive compounds from red ginseng marcdownload
EP-05Pressure control effect on supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of caffeine from coffee beans and its numerical model analysisdownload
EP-06Sustainable LIB cathode recycling through non-aqueous leaching with amide-type extractantdownload
EP-08A study on decaffeination process using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method to minimize flavor lossdownload
EP-14Removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from recycled polypropylene (PP) by using supercritical CO2download
FO-01Crystal morphology and growth in D2O+HFC-134a clathrate hydrate for tritiated water separationdownload
FO-11Cobalt dopped tungsten-based double perovskite for electrolysis separationdownload
FP-04Influence of ball milling parameter on the structure and activity of perovskite in dry reforming of methanedownload
FP-09Effect of micromixing pattern on hydrothermal vesiculationdownload
FP-10Analyze interaction between cationic lipid and oligonucleotide with lipid immobilized column: an HPLC approachdownload
FP-15Extraction of CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere through a direct air capture method with an electrochemical adsorption setupdownload