The 12th Internatioanl Conference on Separation Science and Technology

1st Circular (PDF)

The history of the International Conference on Separation Science and Technology (ICSST) began in 1987 with the JapanKorea Joint Symposium on Separation Technology Conference in Gyeongju, Korea, and has been held every three years since then. In 2008, at the 8th conference held in Karuizawa, Japan, the official name of the conference was changed to "the International Conference on Separation Science and Technology (ICSST)" and opened to all other countries. ICSST aims to provide opportunities for exchange between scientists and engineers, and between novices and experts in the field of fundamentals and applications of separation science and technology. ICSST also provides a platform for global research engineers to discuss new ideas and promote international cooperation in separation science and technology. The 6 sessions will be prepared in ICSST23. In each session a technical luncheon will be held to stimulate the exchange of ideas.

The 12th International Conference on Separation Science and Technology, planned as ICSST20 but postponed due to COVID-19, will now be held as ICSST23 at Okinawa Shichoson Jichi Kaikan, Okinawa, Japan. We would like to thank the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau for their support of ICSST23.

We look forward to welcoming many researchers and engineers in the field of separation science andtechnology.


November 15 (Wed)
-18:00 Registration
18:00- Chairman’s Meeting
19:00- Welcome Reception

November 16 (Thu)
9:00- Presentation
12:00-13:30 Technical Luncheon, Committee Meeting
18:00- Banquet

November 17 (Fri)
9:00- Presentation
12:00- Closing Ceremony
13:30- Excursion

Committee Members

Conference Chairperson
Kwang-Bok YI (Chungnam Nat. Univ.)Hiroshi TAKIYAMA (Tokyo Univ. Agri. & Tech. TUAT)
Program Chairperson
Tae Hyun BAE (KAIST)
Youngjune PARK (GIST)
Susumu NII (Kagoshima Univ.)
Masaki OKADA (Nihon Univ.)
Organizing Committee
Youn Yong LEE (KIST)
Chul Soo LEE (Korea Univ.)
Hwayong KIM (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
Soon Haeng CHO (KIER)
Sung Hyun KIM (Korea Univ.)
Ki-Pung YOO (Korea Univ.)
Hee MOON (Chonnam Nat. Univ.)
Sung-Tae KOH (Dongyang Univ.)
Woo Sik KIM (Kyung Hee Univ.)
Jong Nam KIM (KIER)
Chang Ha LEE (Yonsei Univ.)
Jeong Won Kang (Korea Univ.)
Hideki MORI (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Katsumi TOCHIGI (Nihon Univ.)
Masakuni MATSUOKA (Tokyo Univ. Agri. & Tech. TUAT)
Kunio NAGAHAMA (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Hiroshi YAGI (HyChem Techno)
Hajime TAMON (Kyoto Univ.)
Izumi HIRASAWA (Waseda Univ.)
Hiroshi INOMATA (Tohoku Univ.)
Hiroshi OOSHIMA (Kansai Chem. Eng.)
Toshihiko HIAKI (Nihon Univ.)
Motonobu GOTO (Nagoya Univ.)

Secretary Committee
Minkyu KIM (Yeungnam Univ.)
Jaehoon KIM (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
Dae Woo KIM (Yonsei Univ.)
Yukwon JEON (Yonsei Univ.)
Chan Hyun LEE (Univ. of Ulsan)
Yun Ho AHN (Soongsil Univ.)
Jong Ho MOON (Chungbuk Nat. Univ.)
Masakazu MATSUMOTO (Nihon Univ.)
Hidenori OHASHI (Tokyo Univ. Agri. & Tech. TUAT)
Hiroyuki MATSUDA (Nihon Univ.)
Keishi SUGA (Tohoku Univ.)
Kazuhiro MOCHIDZUKI (Hiroshima Univ.)
Shuntaro AMARI (Tokyo Univ. Agri. & Tech. TUAT)
Shiro MISAWA (Kagaku Kogyousya Inc.)

Technical Sessions

A) Thermodynamics / Transport Properties / Molecular Simulation


B) Crystallization / Precipitation


C) Distillation / Absorption / Adsorption


D) Membrane Separation / Fluid-solid Separation


E) Extraction / Supercritical Fluid Technology


F) New Separation Process & Materials